Belly Hole Freak (Do, 11.4.)

Fr*ends of the n*ght,
Donnerstag  ab 20 Uhr die One-Man-Show mit guitar, voice, handmade footboard stomp, Hi Hat, cymbals, Cowbell, tambourine, Kazoo, anklets – All instruments are played simultaneously. Klingt freaky, ist es auch:
Belly Hole Freak One Man Band Wild Raw Dirty Blues One Man Band straight from Rome to Olga Monaco.
An instinctive and visceral sound enriched by different colors, rhythms and shades of bluesy and boogie tones, rhythm’n’blues, country, bluegrass melted with a Hard Blues sound and psychedelic tunes, playing live shows with such an energy and Rock’n’Roll attitude.
Und dann lasst bei einem Getränk oder zwei laue Luft schnuppern, Fernweh pflegen oder an der Bar versacken.
Yours, Olga

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