diesen donnerstag den19.08. ist die bike punx kitchen wieder zu gast bei uns los geht´s ab 20 uhr also rauf auf die drahtesel und rüber machen.

am 02.09. ist dann rocco recycle bei uns zu gast

One man. One band.

Rocco Recycle plays guitar, drums and sings all at the same time! You think you know something like that already? Wrong!
You’ve NEVER seen or heard anything like Rocco Recycle! All Rocco Recycle’s instruments are handmade from discarded metallic trash. Preferred materials are gas cans, mufflers, garbage cans, and plumbing parts, etc. This extraordinary show is presented on a self-made trike / rolling stage with a solex engine. (His dream is to go solar.) Rocco doesn’t only recycle trash… he also recycles hit music! His repertoire goes from Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock and Punk to Classic.
Rocco Recycle is the perfect show for festivals, open-air events, parties and funerals.
Be it on the street or on the BIG stage… Rocco Recycle is one of the most interesting live acts in Europe.

Weitere Infos: http://www.myspace.com/roccorecycle#ixzz0wx9xQ0fL

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